11 Unexpected Plant-Based Options at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market

Selina Knowles, Communications Coordinator
April 11, 2024

Vegan dumplings topped with an orange sauce

In addition to the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables you’ll find at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, talented local chefs and creative food crafters offer many unique plant-based prepared foods and brunch and lunch dishes, from savory vegetarian dumplings to indulgent dairy-free mango parfait. Many vendors source local produce directly from farmers in the market, which lowers their carbon footprint and adds to their freshness and deliciousness.

Defining a Plant-Based Diet

Plant-based diets are growing in popularity, and the number of Americans who follow a vegan diet increased 600% from 2014 to 2018. People typically switch to a plant-based diet in pursuit of good health, out of concern for animal welfare, as a way to reduce their environmental footprint, or all of the above. Vegetarians and vegans meet their nutrition and protein needs with a variety of grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and vegetables. There are a few variations of a plant-based diet:

  • A flexitarian eats a mostly vegetable- and plant-forward diet, but occasionally consumes animal products, including meat, poultry, fish, seafood, dairy, and eggs
  • The pescatarian diet excludes meat and poultry, but includes fish and seafood
  • The vegetarian diet excludes meat, poultry, fish, and seafood while incorporating some animal products such as eggs and dairy 
  • A vegan diet consists of only plant-based foods and excludes meat, poultry, fish, seafood, dairy, eggs, and often honey
  • A whole-foods, plant-based diet is similar to a vegan diet, and further emphasizes a diet high in fruit, vegetables, and whole grains and low in fat

Along this spectrum, here is a list of just a few plant-based offerings you’ll find at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. We encourage you to seek out and share your own plant-based market finds with us on social media, too! Items and ingredients may change, so confirm with the vendor that what you order fits your dietary needs and preferences.

A vegan or vegetarian bento box
Photo by Aedan Fermented Foods.

Aedan Fermented Foods’ Japanese Bento Boxes

Mariko Grady and her team create Japanese bento boxes featuring Aedan Fermented Foods’ original fermented products including miso, shio koji, and amazake. They also use vegetables from their neighbors at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, including Dirty Girl Produce, Eatwell Farm, Far West Fungi, and Star Route Farms. In their vegetarian bento box, you’ll find shio koji-marinated tofu with miso sauce as the entree, along with three unique vegetable dishes, amazake tamagoyaki, pickles, and an amazake dessert. To make the meal vegan, swap out the tamagoyaki for an additional vegetable side. Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, Saturday.

Annie’s T Cakes’s Mooncakes and Sweets

Annie Wang is driven to diversify the food scene and make environmentalism irresistible in the form of her classic Asian delicacies. At the farmers market, all of Annie T’s Cakes’ offerings are vegan, including her five flavors of mooncakes, Taiwanese pineapple cakes, and almond cookies (as served at the Everything Everywhere All At Once film premiere). Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, Saturday.

A bowl of vegan chili

Bini’s Kitchen’s Nepalese Momos and Chili

Binita (“Bini”) Pradhan’s signature momos (Nepalese dumplings) are seasoned with a blend of freshly ground and roasted spices and steamed to perfection. Try Bini’s Kitchen’s vegan momos, stuffed with tofu, carrots, and cabbage, and served with a spicy roasted tomato cilantro sauce. Also try Kwati, a Nepalese nine-bean chili, with Jeera rice. Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

The Farmer’s Wife’s Sauerkraut and Avocado Melt

At The Farmer’s Wife, Kendra Kolling makes intricately layered sandwiches, beautifully composed salads, and whatever treats the local harvest inspires. Vegetarians can choose from a few seasonal vegetable sandwiches, including the Sauerkraut and Avocado Melt (carrot turmeric sauerkraut, avocado, serrano tomatillo verde, and aged cheddar) and the Fruit and Blue (seasonal fruits and berries, aged cheddar, chèvre, blue cheese, and orange blossom honey drizzle). For a vegan option, the triple-decker Vegan Club is loaded with seasonal organic raw vegetables, avocado, and traditional or curried hummus. Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, Saturday.

a vegan mango smoothie and mango parfait
Photos by Mangosay.

Mangosay’s Mango Smoothie and Parfait with Coconut Whip Cream

Sierra Young serves up delicious dairy-free mango juices, smoothies, and treats from her mobile mango cart at the farmers market. She describes Mangosay’s mango smoothie as a step into tropical paradise, made with fresh cut mangos, fresh squeezed lime juice, and a bit of agave, blended in coconut water. Also treat yourself to a mango parfait, featuring fresh mango and strawberries, layered with condensed coconut milk and almond granola, and topped with coconut whip cream, chocolate sauce, and toasted coconut flakes. Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, Saturday.

a plate of vegetarian enchiladas with rice and beans

Mi Comedor’s Mexican Street Food

Olivia Mecalco makes antojitos inspired by her grandmother’s cooking and Mexico City street food. At Mi Comedor, Olivia offers a few vegetarian options that can vary with the seasons, including quesadillas with huitlacoche, mushrooms, or squash blossoms, and enchilada plates with rice and beans. Opt to remove the cheese for a vegan version of either. Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, Tuesday and Thursday.

Open faced vegetable bagel sandwiches
Photo by Midnite Bagel.

Midnite Bagel’s Veggie Sandwich with Herby Guacamole

Nick Beitcher and his team create artisan sourdough bagels and bread, as well as Good Food Finalist granola. Try Midnite Bagel’s Veggie Sandwich on your choice of bagel with herby guacamole, lemony onions, sprouts, dill, capers, and plain cream cheese. Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, Saturday.

Pandan mochi cake

Nusa’s Pandan Coconut Mochi Layered Cake

Jennifer Huang started baking with the intention of sharing her favorite childhood desserts with her family. Also known as Kue Lapis in Indonesia, Nusa’s subtly sweet Pandan Coconut Mochi Layered Cake is naturally vegan and flavored with pandan and kaffir lime leaves. Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, Saturday.

Plate of chilaquiles
Photo by @hellahungryhapa on Instagram.

Primavera’s Chilaquiles and Tamales

Karen Waikiki and her team make mouth watering Mexican food that attracts accolades and a long line to the back plaza every Saturday. Make Primavera’s iconic chilaquiles vegetarian by substituting refried beans (made with lard) for black beans, on the side of crispy, salsa-coated housemade chips, soft-scrambled eggs, and avocado. Also try their tamales, which come with vegetarian or vegan fillings such as Black Bean Bonanza, BBQ Chipotle Bean and Cheddar, and Butternut Squash with Roasted Chile. Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, Saturday. 

vegan kimchi in an open jar

Volcano Kimchi’s Vegan Kimchi

Aruna Lee launched Volcano Kimchi in 2014 with the aim of creating a high-quality, vegan kimchi reminiscent of her youth. While kimchi is often made with shrimp paste, Aruna’s vegan version is inspired by the Buddhist monastery she grew up in, where home-grown vegetables were at the heart of every meal. Most ingredients for Volcano Kimchi’s kimchi and sauces are sourced from local organic growers, including many at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, Saturday.

Photo by @cilantrodreams.

Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen’s Veggie Deluxe Sandwich with Smashed Avocado

Evan Bloom and Leo Beckerman founded Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen to offer quality, authentic Jewish deli food. Wise Sons has a selection of vegan and vegetarian options. The Veggie Deluxe breakfast sandwich is vegetarian featuring veggie shmear, salted cucumber, red onion, greens, and capers. Make it vegan by replacing the shmear with smashed avocado. Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, Saturday.

Find more plant-based options from our sellers at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market and Mission Community Market.

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