Midnite Bagel


Nick Beitcher, along with 4 full- and 6 part-time employees


Midnite Bagel is an artisan bagel bakery focusing on naturally leavened (sourdough) bagels and bread. Owner and head baker Nick Beitcher began cooking in fine dining restaurants when he was 20. His bagel journey began at Tartine Bakery, where he spent eight years mastering Tartine’s unique approach to naturally leavened bread. In 2019, he launched Midnite Bagel as a pop-up at Tartine Bakery, but the pandemic turned the pop-up into a full-time gig. Nick is inspired by the Bay Area community he bakes for. 


Midnite Bagels are made with sustainably grown flour from Cairnspring Mills in Washington State and a wild yeast sourdough culture. Bagel toppings use local seasonal produce.