Mi Comedor


Olivia Mecalco, 2 full-time and 3 part-time employees


For 18 years, Olivia Mecalco worked as a cook in San Francisco. She originally learned to cook from her grandmother, who loved Mexican traditions and was an avid collector of recipes from all over the country. In San Francisco, she worked in restaurants making everything from California-Mexican to Cuban, French, and Italian cuisines. Olivia dreamed of opening her own restaurant to share her own version of foods from all over Mexico and Latin America, fusing traditional recipes with more modern ingredients or techniques. In 2012, she joined the La Cocina incubator kitchen program, and has since worked to develop her business through restaurant pop-ups, catering events, and selling at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.


Most of the vegetables are sourced from the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market and Mission Community Market.