Squid Ink, Spinach, and Turmeric Pasta

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This recipe was demonstrated at the Foodwise Classroom on April 29th, 2023 .

Serves 4 

1 cup of spinach, packed (optional)
3-4 cups of 00 or all purpose flour 
2 pinches of salt 
4 large eggs 
½ tablespoon of squid ink (optional) 
1 tablespoon of Turmeric (optional)


If you are making Spinach Pasta: blanch the spinach for 30 seconds and immediately transfer to an ice bath. Squeeze out the spinach from all excess water. Blend spinach and eggs together to make a liquid.

In a bowl or large flat surface, make a mound of flour, starting with 3 cups of flour and 2 pinches of salt. Make a well in the center and add in your eggs in the center. If you are making turmeric or squid ink pasta, add in ingredients at this stage.

Slowly start to combine with a fork or your hands. As the dough starts to form, add in more flour if it is too sticky and add in a little bit of water if the dough is too dry.

Knead for at least 15 minutes using the fold-palm-turn method.

Once the dough is uniform, create a ball and test by making a finger imprint gently. If the dough bounces back enough gluten has been created.

Let rest for at least 30 minutes, then your dough is ready to use! 

Note: Fresh pasta takes less time to cook, when cooking add a generous amount of salt to boiling water and only cook for 3 to 5 minutes depending on the thickness of pasta.


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