Grilled Salsa Primavera with Nixtamalized Corn Masa

Source: Sophina Uong, Calavera

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This recipe was demonstrated for CUESA’s Market to Table program on April 23, 2016.

Nixtamalized Corn Masa

Makes enough masa for about 30 small tortillas


2 cups dried corn, washed
2 tablespoons cal (calcium hydroxide or slaked lime; available online or at many Mexican or Central American grocery stores)
6 cups water


Mix the water and slaked lime together in a nonreactive pot (i.e. not aluminum or copper) to create a slurry. Add the dried corn, bring to a gentle simmer, and cook for 45-60 minutes. Turn off the heat, cover the pot, and let the corn soak overnight, or at least 8 hours. Drain and rinse the corn. Rub the kernels in a towel to remove the outer layer, and rinse again. Use a grinder or food processor to grind the corn into masa, which can be used to make tortillas.

Grilled Salsa Primavera

This is a simple farmers market sauce that is great with meat, fish, as a simple taco filling, or on totopos (chips)  as a nice passed appetizer.

Makes about 2 cups


¼ cup English peas
½ cup grilled, chopped artichoke hearts
½ cup grilled, chopped asparagus
¼ cup grilled, chopped spring garlic
¼ cup grilled, chopped spring onion
¾ teaspoon toasted, ground dried morita/chipotle chilies
1½ teaspoons chopped cilantro
1½ teaspoons chopped parsley
¼ cup Meyer lemon juice
⅜ cup extra-virgin olive oil
Salt to taste


Combine all ingredients and season to taste.

Optional garnishes: diced avocado, crumbly fresh goat cheese or queso fresco

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