If you love green salsa, then you should get to know tomatillos. Dating back to 800 BC, when the Aztecs domesticated them, tomatillos are considered a key ingredient in Mexican cuisine. Also called “tomate verde” in Mexico, the fruit of the tomatillo is generally firm, green, about the size of a large cherry, and meatier than a tomato. They grow to maturity inside a light brown, papery husk. The husk is a good indicator of freshness, but is inedible and should be removed before use. The fruit of the tomatillo can be used as a base for chili sauces, known generically as salsa verde (green sauce), and will help lessen the pepper’s hot flavor as well as stimulate the appetite. Because of their tart quality, tomatillos can be cooked, eaten raw, minced or pureed to accompany prepared dishes. Tomatillos also makes a great addition to tortilla soup or guacamole.