Everything Under the Sun


Bill Crepps, along with 1 full-time and 3 to 4 seasonal employees


28 acres comprise 5 plots of land in Winters, about 80 miles to San Francisco


Bill began farming in 1987 after completing a graduate degree in alternative farming techniques. He farmed organically for years and continues to use all the same practices, although he is no longer certified. Bill grows a wide variety of crops and encourages biological diversity on the farm. He does not use any synthetic chemicals. Everything Under the Sun dries many of its products so that they can attend farmers markets year-round. All fruits are fully ripe before they are hand-cut and dried, and no preservatives are added. All products are sun-dried through-out the summer and into fall; the rest of the year, a low temperature dehydrator is used. Bill is always experimenting and working to expand his dried food selection.