Tierra Vegetables


Brother and sister team Wayne and Lee James, with 2 full- and some part-time employees


17 acres in Windsor, about 65 miles from the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market


Tierra Vegetables was seeded in 1980, producing a diversity of crops, including rare dried beans, heirloom grain corn, popcorn, and fresh produce. It is renowned for the many varieties of chile peppers, carrots, and sweet peppers that they grow. In 2007, Tierra Vegetables completed a new commercial kitchen that they are using to expand their offering of farmstead processed products to include sweet and spicy chile jams, hot sauce, freshly ground cornmeal, dry chiles, and heirloom corn masa and tortillas.

Tierra Vegetables believes in using “the best possible sustainable methods” for a healthy and lasting farming system. Along with selling at farmers markets, Tierra Vegetables offers CSA boxes.