Allstar Organics


Marty Jacobson and Janet Brown, with 3 full-time employees


2 acres (on which herbs for hydrosols and oils are grown) in Lagunitas, 10 acres (on which all the vegetables are grown) in Nicasio, and 20 acres in Point Reyes, about 35 miles to San Francisco


Allstar Organics has been continuously certified organic since 1994. Marty and Janet began growing heirloom tomatoes organically on 1.5 acres at their home in Lagunitas. They have since diversified and expanded. They grow multiple varieties of 10 primary crops at the Lafranchi family ranch in Nicasio. The land is permanently protected by a Marin Agricultural Land Trust conservation easement. Allstar Organics also produces a line of 24 certified organic herbal salts, herbal sugars, and dried whole herbs. With distinct seasons and a highly mineralized, clay-based soil, Allstar uses a diverse cover-cropping system and aged nutritional mulches to maintain soil fertility.


Marin Organic Certified Agriculture (MOCA)