Volunteer of the Month: Kory Cogdill

June 28, 2024

Two people pose in front of stands at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.
Kory Cogdill (left) and his partner, Korey Reynolds (right)

Foodwise relies on volunteers and interns to help with education programs and other activities that help fulfill our mission to grow thriving communities through the power and joy of local food. Learn more about internships here and volunteer opportunities here. You can also sign up for our next volunteer orientation on September 4, 2024, here.

Kory Cogdill has been a part of Foodwise’s community for over a decade, supporting Foodwise Summer Bash and Sunday Supper on our Events Committee. His involvement in the restaurant industry led him to helping out at Foodwise events, and he stuck around for the people and delicious food. Foodwise Partnerships & Events Manager Rebecca Crawbuck says, “Kory has been a steadfast support on our events committee so long, it is hard to imagine hosting a Foodwise fundraiser without him! He truly understands Foodwise, our mission, and the goals of our fundraising events and matches that with a depth of hospitality experience. His enthusiasm and willingness to jump in to problem solve on event day make a huge impact. We love Kory!” Meet Kory.

Foodwise: Where does your food interest come from?

Kory: The Midwest! I grew up around so much corn and farming and have always loved the summers when the farmer’s stands would pop up on the side of the roads. Now I am fortunate enough to be in the amazing agriculture of Northern California!

Foodwise: What do you do when you aren’t volunteering for Foodwise?

Kory: I make things look pretty. I’m the person who gets a cart full of beautiful flowers and some eager and very willing folks to help me place all things around the event spaces.

Foodwise: Why did you choose to volunteer with us at this time?

Kory: The last 13 years of my life I have been involved with Foodwise in some capacity. I started coming to the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market very early on Thursday mornings back in 2010 as a vendor for Tacolicious. I fell in love with the market and was quickly captured by all the work they do in our community, from providing urban dwellers with passionate and friendly farmers to supporting our students with agricultural education. And I may be partial as a host/events committees member, but they throw some of the best parties of the year with Summer Bash and Sunday Supper! I choose to help sustain Foodwise because they sustain our community. I don’t think I will ever not be a part of Foodwise in some capacity.

Foodwise: What has been most rewarding about your experience with Foodwise?

Kory: The community I have found through Foodwise in all different ways—socially, professionally and the resources around the Bay Area.

Foodwise: What does Foodwise mean to you?

Kory: A deliciously good time.

Foodwise: Any favorite farmers market foods or home meal prep tips you want to share?

Kory: I never leave without a treat from Jen at Batter Bakery!