Batter Bakery


Jen Musty, along with 6 full-time and 2 to 3 part-time staff


Jen Musty has been baking for as long as she can remember. She dreamed of opening her own bakery, even while she studied accounting. In 2006, she started building a name for her-self as a caterer, and in 2009, she opened a kiosk in downtown San Francisco. Two years later she launched a brick-and-mortar kitchen and storefront on Polk Street, which has relocated to Nob Hill. Jen is driven by a love of sharing old-fashioned American treats, including cookies, brownies, and cakes, with a modern twist and an emphasis on premium ingredients and seasonal produce.


Batter uses organic products when possible, including all organic flour. All produce (with the exception of banan-as) is sourced directly from local farmers, including many that sell at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.