Intern Spotlight: Elijah Siegel

May 30, 2024

A group of Foodwise Kids stand around a table

Foodwise relies on volunteers and interns to help with education programs, and other activities that help fulfill our mission to grow thriving communities through the power and joy of local food. Learn more about internships here and volunteer opportunities here. You can also sign up for our next volunteer orientation on June 8, 2024, here.

Elijah’s passion for food and working with youth led him to support Foodwise Kids as an intern during the spring 2024 semester. “Foodwise Kids was so lucky to have Elijah supporting this semester,” says Foodwise Kids Manager Nesley Rojo. “Elijah was always excited, kind and welcoming to our students while encouraging them to interact with our farmers market community, try new fruits and vegetables and he even created a game to teach students about seasonal produce. Elijah was such an invaluable part of the FWK team, his energy, curiosity and love for food education was so contagious!”

Meet Elijah.

Foodwise: Where does your food interest come from? 

Elijah: Throughout my childhood I was exposed to a diverse range of cultures, and with that a lot of different foods. Because of this I developed a passion for food and understanding different cultural foods and how to use various fruits and vegetables. 

Foodwise: What do you do when you aren’t volunteering for Foodwise?

Elijah: I am a full time student at USF, so that takes up the majority of my time. In my free time, I enjoy playing basketball, cooking, and exploring San Francisco. 

Foodwise: Why did you choose to intern with us? 

Elijah: I chose to intern with Foodwise because it provided me with the opportunity to work in an area that combined two of my biggest interests. It also brought me to a lot of connections and provided me a space to grow and learn.

Foodwise: What has been most rewarding about your experience with Foodwise?

Elijah: The most rewarding part about the Foodwise Kids Program is building connections with the kids and seeing their view and understanding of food grow and develop throughout the field trip.

Foodwise: What does Foodwise mean to you? 

Elijah: To me foodwise means to build a consciousness and understanding of our local food system and how to maintain sustainability within it. It also means to foster a connection with our community through food, the farmers market is a great place to start that. 

Foodwise: Any favorite farmers market foods or home meal prep tips you want to share? 

Elijah: I love all of the citrus from Rojas Family Farms. The strawberries from Yerena Farms are also the best. For meal prep, always keep a container of hummus from Hummus Heaven on hand! It is great for dips, salads, wraps, etc. 

A group of kids around a table in a classroom