Twin Girls Farm


Ignacio (Nacho) and Casamira Sanchez and their daughters (Christyna, Serena, and Savannah), along with 15 full-time and 5 part-time employees


625 acres on 13 plots of land in Fresno, Kings, and Tulare counties, about 200 miles to San Francisco


Nacho Sanchez graduated from Fresno State with a B.S. in agriculture. In 1989, he bought a six-acre orchard with his wife, Casamira, which they farmed in their spare time. By 1993, Nacho had acquired over 150 acres and was farming full time. Nacho and Casamira feel good knowing that workers can pick fruit and customers can enjoy it without worrying about pesticide residues. Any fruit the Sanchezes don’t sell is incorporated back into their soil.


Quality Assurance International (QAI) since June 1999