La Vie Wellness


Yeyen Gunawan, with 2 full- and 18 part-time employees


In her twenties, Yeyen Gunawan worked in the fast-paced world of Bay Area real estate, but after several years, she began to experience loss of energy, moodiness, and a lack of what she describes as “optimum health.” Yeyen researched the benefits of raw food, juicing, and probiotics and began making food and lifestyle changes to bring herself back to health. Since 2005, she has been sharing what she discovered through her line of La Vie Wellness drinks and juice cleanses. A long-time believer in the importance of access to local and fresh foods, she sells her products at farmers markets and local grocery stores throughout the region.


Most of her organic ingredients are from the farmers at the markets where she sells her drinks. Bottles are produced locally in San Leandro.