Beber Almondmilk


Arielle Danan, along with 3 full- and 35 part-time employees


Arielle Danan founded Beber in 2012 with a passion for food, community, and sustainable agriculture. After spending a year abroad volunteering on organic farms, Arielle returned home to the almond capital of the world northern California. What began as a booth at the Chico Farmers Market has grown over the past seven years, and Beber now employs more than 30 employees across northern California. Beber makes almond milk with only two ingredients: almonds and purified water. No preservatives, no thickeners, and no pasteurization.


Beber sources their premium whole, organic Nonpareil and Independence almonds from Baugher Ranch Organics in California. They also source organic ingredients for their flavored and seasonal almond milks.