Avila Farms


Ruben Avila and Dominga Nunez, and their children Jeanette and Mateo Avila, with 2 full-time employees and about 10 seasonal employees


23 acres in Hollister, about 99 miles to San Francisco


Ruben Avila and Dominga Nunez started Avila Farms in Watsonville in 2002. As their children grew older, they inherited their parents’ enthusiasm for growing and started getting more involved. The Avilas thrive by sharing the nutrition and joy of food with their family and the local community. Avila Farms prides itself on being small, family owned, and community oriented. They have participated in the Mission Community Market since 2018, and although they have had the opportunity to expand their business to grocery stores, they are focused on building relationships with customers at the farmers market. The farm uses organic practices, sources organic seeds, and is in the process of acquiring certification.