Roast Romanesco Cauliflower with Tahini and Pomegranates

Source: Yasmin Khan, author of Zaitoun

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This recipe was demonstrated for CUESA’s Market to Table program on February 16, 2019. Reprinted from Zaitoun: Recipes from the Palestinian Kitchen, with permission of W. W. Norton, Inc.

By roasting the florets, they stay juicy with just the right amount of crunch, ready to be smothered in the ubiquitous Palestinian garlicky tahini sauce. Quick, easy to make, and very good for you, this is Palestinian home cooking at its best. 

Serves 4-6 as part of a spread


2 heads Romanesco cauliflower, cut into 2 inch florets
4 tablespoons olive oil or neutral oil
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 teaspoon ground allspice
Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

Tahini Sauce

5 tablespoons tahini
4 tablespoons lemon juice
1 clove garlic, crushed


2 tablespoons pomegranate arils


Preheat oven to 400°F. Place cauliflower florets on a large baking sheet and drizzle with oil. Sprinkle cumin and allspice over florets and season generously with salt and pepper. Stir florets until they are evenly coated. Transfer to oven and roast for 20-30 minutes, until cauliflower is tender but still firm, tossing halfway through to make sure the florets cook evenly. Set aside to cool slightly while you make the sauce.

Whisk together all tahini sauce ingredients in a medium bowl, adding 7 tablespoons water and seasoning with salt and pepper.

Arrange room temperature cauliflower on a platter. Drizzle with tahini sauce and sprinkle with pomegranate arils.

Photo by Matt Russell.

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