Pomelo and Tangerine with Spiced Honey Yogurt

Source: Foodwise Kids Program

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This is a kid-friendly recipe that the whole family can prepare together! Created for CUESA’s Foodwise Kids program, it’s particularly well-suited for kids ages 6 to 12.

Pomelos are the largest citrus fruit and are native to South and Southeast Asia. They look like very large grapefruits, almost like small bowling balls! Unlike the grapefruit, pomelos do not have any of the bitterness. The pith (or skin) is very thick, but there is plenty of edible, juicy flesh in one pomelo to share with friends and family. Since the pomelo is large and round, adults may assist cutting the fruit with a chef’s knife.

Adults: This recipe features a variety of skills, including use of a knife; always supervise children and train them on unfamiliar equipment tools and equipment. We suggest reviewing the recipe with children prior to preparing. Older children with experience in the kitchen may be able to handle the recipe on their own.

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Serves 2


1 ripe pomelo
2 tangerines
1 cup plain yogurt
2 tablespoons honey
Pinch of ground cardamom (optional)


Small mixing bowl
Mixing spoon
Cutting board
Measuring spoons and cups


1.    Wash your hands and the pomelo and tangerines. Pat dry with a towel.

2.    With a knife, slice off the top and bottom ends of the pomelo. The peel is much thicker (approximately 1 to 2 centimeters) than an orange, so you may have to keep slicing to expose the flesh.

3.    Using your fingers, peel off the rest of the pomelo’s rind. Tear the pomelo fruit into two halves. Use your fingers to rip open each section of pomelo, peeling away the pale white membrane and placing all the juicy flesh into a bowl. The membrane is bitter and not suggested for eating. The flesh of a pomelo may be white or pink.

4.    Peel and section the tangerines. They are easier to peel than a pomelo, so you will not need a knife. Taste a small piece of the pomelo and tangerine, and compare the look and taste of the two citrus fruits.

5.    In a small bowl, measure out the plain yogurt. Stir in the honey and mix to combine until the honey disappears into the yogurt. Taste and add another spoonful of honey if needed. If using cardamom, sprinkle in a pinch and stir yogurt until the spice disappears into the yogurt. Taste and add more pinches if you like.

6.    Place several sections of pomelo and tangerine in the center of a bowl, then drizzle the yogurt mixture on top. Serve immediately and enjoy! If preparing ahead of time, store the citrus and yogurt in separate sealed containers and combine when you are ready to eat.

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