Marcelo Clark

Youth Education Manager

Marcelo (he/him) graduated from UCLA with a double major in Sociology and African American Studies. During his time at UCLA he involved himself in research projects and community organizations that grounded his vision for building community rooted in justice and care. Marcelo enjoys cooking and learning how to recreate meals from local restaurants he tries. He is also always asking if there is a speaker to play music. Marcelo believes food is more than just sustenance; it is a powerful force that binds communities and ignites political consciousness. 

From family dinners to neighborhood potlucks, shared meals are the heart of human interaction. Marcelo is excited to build programming that highlights how food brings people together, creating spaces where stories are shared, cultures are celebrated, and bonds are strengthened. Through the lens of food, our youth education program nurtures not just informed eaters, but compassionate leaders and change-makers.