Tory Farms


Tory and Rebecca Torosian and their sons, Tory Jr. and Sarkis, with 2 long-time, full-time field workers


80 acres situated at the base of Smith Mountain in the town of Dinuba, located 212 miles south of San Francisco


Owned and operated by the Torosians for the last 50 years, Tory Farms is a treasured family asset owing to its scenic beauty, rural feel, and abundant wildlife. Egrets, red-tailed hawks, white-shouldered kites, barn owls, and doves are among the many bird species that inhabit their fields, vineyards, and orchards. California quails and pheasants nest in 30 acres of uncultivated open ground. The Torosians maintain soil fertility by cover-cropping, mulching and turning raw vegetable matter into the soil. They control pests by creating habitat for insect predators, using pheromone disruption, and occasionally applying organic and synthetic pesticides (no organophosphates are applied). Night-time irrigation and mulch help conserve water on the farm.