Three Babes Bakeshop


Lenore Estrada, with 18 full-time employees


Three Babes Bakeshop is a woman- and minority-owned business. Since it was founded in 2011, Three Babes has grown from a tiny pop-up into San Francisco’s most popular purveyor of artisanal pies. Three Babes pies are made by hand each day using the finest local, seasonal, and organic ingredients. They recently opened their long-awaited shop in the Mission.


The Babes source liberally from local farms, including Old Dog Ranch, Devoto Gardens, Yerena Farms, Balakian Farms, Frog Hollow Farm, and G.L, Alfieri, among others. All pastry ingredients are organic, down to the sugar, baking powder, cream, eggs, and flour, which is locally milled at Giusto’s.