The Peach Jamboree


Lifemates Danny Lazzarini and Andrew Seidman, along with 2 or more seasonal employees


27 acres located in Oroville, about 149 miles to San Francisco


Danny and Andrew purchased Woodleaf Farm (now called The Peach Jamboree) from the original founder, Carl Rosato, who retired in 2015. The farm succession went well thanks to the collaboration and the cooperation between Carl and the new farmers, who are committed to carrying on the legacy of the farm’s high-quality organic fruit and vegetables. The farm continues to grow yellow and white peaches, nectarines, Warren pears, figs, plums, pluots, and specialty vegetables. With the encouragement and support of family, friends, and the farmers market community, the couple is in the process of rebuilding after the 2017 fires and hopes to make the farm better than ever.


California Certified Organic Farmer (CCOF)