The Peach Jamboree


Lifemates Danny Lazzarini and Andrew Seidman, along with 2 or more seasonal employees


6.5 acres of orchards within their 25-acre plot of oak woodlands in the Oroville Foothills, about 149 miles to San Francisco


Lifemates Danny and Andrew have been farming the Peach Jamboree since 2015.  They are fueled by a passion to grow the freshest, best tasting produce possible, with a focus on juicy yellow peaches picked at peak flavor. Together they work to inspire and educate all who come to the farm or farmers market about the importance of responsible food production, the great rewards of hard work collaborating with nature, and what a healthy food system can and should look like.  They believe that the reason their farm is so vibrant and the food so tasty is because the foundation of it is true commitment to ecological stewardship of land and a deep commitment to those who work it.


California Certified Organic Farmer (CCOF)