Star Route Farms


Annabelle Lenderink and Nick Civetz, with 40 full-time employees


100 in Bolinas (only one-third of the land is cultivated; it also includes a perennial creek, wildlands, and housing for nearly all farm workers), 25 miles to San Francisco; and 60 in Thermal, about 515 miles to San Francisco


Star Route Farms was started by Warren Weber in 1974 on five acres and is the oldest continuously certified organic farm in California. The farm is known for its innovativeness and commitment to implementing economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable practices. In 1990, the farm acquired a plot of land in the Coachella Valley, on which they now grow a range of crops to provide a continuous supply of produce in the winter. The farm uses natural fertilizers and cover crops to enrich their soils. In 2017, the farm was sold to the University of San Francisco. It continues to be managed by Annabelle and Nick to grow produce for the market. The farm also hosts academic visitors for classes and research.


Marin Organic Certified Agriculture (MOCA) since 2001; Salmon Safe certified since 2007