SF Chickenbox


Christian Ciscle along with 4 full- and 6 part-time employees


North Beach, about 1.5 miles to the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market


Fried chicken is the food that Christian knows best. He’s from Baltimore, where he fondly recalls being able to find a good chickenbox “almost at every corner.” In San Francisco, he helped open many Southern and comfort food restaurants, before running a chicken wing spot in Lower Haight. In 2019, he opened SF Chickenbox as a pop-up in SOMA, which evolved over pandemic into the current brick-and-mortar shop in North Beach.

Everything on SF Chickenbox’s menu is made fresh, halal, and allergy-friendly, including their homemade sides. You can pair one of their signature fried chicken sandwiches with creamy macaroni or potato salad and crunchy coleslaw or pickles. For something sweet, sip on a honeyed yerba mate or indulge in a buttery mochi muffin.