Proyecto Diaz Coffee


Fernando and Hannah-Love Diaz, along with their team


Fernando Diaz and his family have a lineage rooted in coffee. Though Proyecto Diaz Coffee started roasting beans in 2014, the Diaz family’s history stretches back to the early 1900s, when Fernando’s great-great-grandfather began growing coffee in Oaxaca, Mexico. That legacy persists today. Fernando’s grandfather Juan continues to grow coffee on his farm, El Carmen, his father Genaro, roasts the coffee, his wife, Hannah-Love, does production and design, and Fernando does outreach and coffee selection.


The company lives out its slogan— “caffeinate with purpose”—through direct trade sourcing from small producers, investing 10% of its profits back into El Carmen, and buying at above fair-trade prices. The coffees are roasted in their roastery in San Leandro.