Founder and CEO Minh Tsai, along with over 180 employees


As a child in Vietnam, Minh Tsai took morning strolls with his grandpa to theneighborhood tofu shack. The freshness and artisan-quality of the soymilk, tofu, and yuba of hischildhood eluded Minh for many years and ultimately led Minh to found Hodo in 2004. Hodonow supplies tofu to Chipotle, sweetgreen, and notable Bay Area restaurants including TheSlanted Door, State Bird Provisions, The Progress, Greens Restaurant, and Mister Jiu’s. Today,in addition to yuba and tofu, Hodo makes award-winning plant-based meat and egg alternativefoods like the Thai Curry Nuggets, Mexican Crumbles and the All-Day Egg Scramble. The HodoKitchen is always cooking new ready-to-eat foods with globally-inspired flavors to showcase thedeliciousness of their artisan plant-based protein. In 2022, Hodo was awarded the SustainableFood Systems Leadership Award by Acterra, recognizing its “huge” impact on environmental sustainability. 


Hodo sources organic, non-GMO soybeans with specific protein and fat composition to make their creamy soy milk, the foundation of all their products. They use the whole bean, including its seed coat, and double extractions to get the most protein and fiber out of the bean. Their tofu is simply this soy milk combined with calcium sulfate, a natural mineral. Hodo meticulously minimizes the ratio of calcium sulfate to soy milk, ensuring a superior taste and texture. Their tofu is nutty, sweet, and smooth, with an average of 50% more protein than other tofu on the market. Fresh yuba (“tofu skin”) is made by heating the soy milk and allowing the fat and protein to form paper-thin sheets, which are then lifted off the surface by hand. Hodo is the only maker of fresh organic yuba in the country.


Hodo sources soybeans that are North American grown, organic, and non-GMO. All Hodo products are certified organic by CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers), vegan, preservative-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, and manufactured in a facility that is peanut, tree nut, sesame, and dairy free. Hodo makes foods using the best, local ingredients they can find.