GG Farm


Gary Moua with 3 full- and part-time employees


15 acres in Fresno, about 180 miles to San Francisco


Gary’s parents, Dirksen and Chee, migrated from Laos to California in the 1980s. Along with thousands of Laotian refugees, they fled to Thailand to escape the Vietnam War, and immigrated to the U.S. to escape persecution.  They brought some knowledge of farming and decided to grow vegetables in Fresno, home to the nation’s largest Hmong diaspora. Despite the hard work and long hours, the Mouas remain dedicated to growing a diversity of crops for Asian communities and beyond, such as kabocha squash, lemongrass, bitter melon, opo, sinqua, and Thai chilies. Focusing on Asian vegetables has helped the Mouas define their niche at the farmers market. At the end of 2019, Gary had decided to start his own farm and named it GG Farm.