While squid can grow over 40 feet in length, the squid you?ll be buying in the farmers market is a more manageable six to twelve inches. A member of the cephalopod family, squid is related to octopus, but it has two long tentacles in addition to its eight arms. Squid is available year round and is either farmed or caught from local fisheries.

Squid is easy to clean and prepare with a paring knife, even for the novice chef. Once the head is removed, the squid can be stuffed, cut into rings and fried, or incorporated into pasta dishes and salads. ?Calamari? is the culinary term for ready-to-eat squid (just as ?beef? and cow and ?pork? to pig). Squid ink, which has a taste similar to black truffles, is also eaten as a flavoring in pastas, sauces, risottos, and even ice cream. Itis a delicious way to stain your teeth for several hours after eating.