H&H Fresh Fish Co.


Hans Haveman and Heidi Rhodes, with over 35 part-time employees.


Dynamic duo Hans and Heidi founded H&H Fresh Fish Co. in 2003. As your fishmonger family, H&H Fresh Fish Co. is dedicated to delivering the freshest, highest quality seafood. With a commitment to community, sustainability, and excellence, H&H offers a worry-free guarantee on every purchase. Visit their website (hhfreshfish.com) to dive into their Seafood Directory of delectable seafood selections, tantalizing recipes, and more. Subscribe to their Weekly Newsletters to be the first to know what’s headed fresh to your market. Their iconic fish market in the heart of the Santa Cruz Harbor is complete with picnic tables and an array of housemade specialties like poke and ceviche. It is a must-visit destination for both locals and visitors alike.


When not caught by Hans and his team, H&H sources seafood from other Santa Cruz fishermen as the Resident Seafood Buyers of Santa Cruz Harbor. The commitment to local and sustainable fishing is unwavering, with much of their seafood caught by hook-and-line within a 50-mile radius of Santa Cruz. Additionally, H&H extend their reach to bring you the best from sustainable fisheries in Southern California, Alaska, and Hawai’i.