Ono means ?delicious? in Hawaiian, though mainlanders may be more familiar with ono?s other name, Pacific wahoo. A cousin of the mackerel, ono lives in tropical waters worldwide. It is a larger fish and can grow up to eight feet in length. Its size, meatiness, and strong flavor make it ideal to serve as barbecued or grilled steaks, as you would serve tuna or swordfish.

Wahoo grows and matures rapidly, a biology that makes it naturally resistant to overfishing. However, the size of the wild wahoo population is unknown, and few fishing regulations are currently in place. It is typically caught with the longline method, which can result in bycatch of larger marine animals. Until further research is available, wahoo will not be listed as a ?best choice? by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch due to the potential for overfishing.