Mahi Mahi

Known as dorado in Spanish and common dolphinfish in English, this fish is most generally known by its Hawaiian name, mahi mahi. While mahi mahi is a target for many sport fishermen due to its strength and acrobatic capabilities (the names means ?strong? in Hawaiian), its quick maturation rate has helped make its population resistant to overfishing.

Mahi mahi is not locally caught in California. The fish is most sustainable when caught in U.S. waters via the troll or pole-and-line method. Strict regulation of longline fishing in the U.S. also makes domestic-caught mahi mahi an acceptable alternative. When caught by a longline method in poorly regulated international waters, mahi mahi is a fish to avoid, as longlines are responsible for entangling and often killing seabirds and marine mammals.

Mahi mahi can be used in nearly any style of cooking. It goes well in tropical-style recipes with bold flavors, such as ginger, lime, lemon, or mango or pineapple salsa.