A shrubby herb with pale green leaves and a slightly peppery flavor, sage is perhaps one of the oldest culinary herbs. Favored by the ancient Greeks and Romans for both its culinary and medicinal properties, sage is not only a delicious addition to a wide variety of dishes, but it is also a highly potent immune booster.

With a fragrance similar to eucalyptus and a taste somewhere between citrus and thyme, sage compliments foods that are savory, starchy and sweet. A common ingredient in stuffing, sage enhances the flavor of roasted meats and vegetables, sausage, and pork chops, and is a wonderful addition to savory baked items, such as breads and biscuits.

Because sage contains an incredibly high amount of antioxidants, it is proven to help protect cells from free radical damage, prevent certain cancers, and reverse degenerative diseases associated with the aging process. Studies show that sage also significantly improves cognitive performance, boosting mood and even improving short-term memory.