Wildfires Updates: The Farmers Market Is Open. Stay Safe.

August 21, 2020

As we all face another devastating wildfire season, our thoughts are with our farmers and community impacted by fires burning across California. A number of our farmers have had to evacuate their homes and properties, including Root Down Farm, Fifth Crow Farm, Swanton Berry Farm, and Blue House Farm in the Pescadero area, but they are currently safe. 

The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market is scheduled to be open as usual this weekend. We are closely monitoring the air quality and have been keeping in touch with our farmers and sellers. We expect most of them to be present, as they rely on the farmers market as a critical part of their livelihoods. Check here for attendance updates or visit the CUESA Info Booth if you have questions about a particular seller.

One of the best ways you can help our community is to support them at the farmers market. Please stay safe and exercise caution venturing outside. Take precautions such as limiting your exertion and time outside and wearing a protective (N95) mask, if you have one. Wear a cloth mask over a N95 to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Those with sensitive medical conditions should stay indoors. Check for air quality updates at baaqmd.gov.

As catastrophic wildfire seasons have become the new normal in the age of climate change, fires, power outages, and smoke all have enormous impacts on small farmers and food business owners, who are already operating on razor-thin margins. Exposure to heavy smoke poses major hazards and risks to farmers’ and workers’ health. Coming together as a community to feed and take care of each other is vital. 

Please stay safe, and thank you for supporting our farmers and community through these challenging times.