We're on Muni!

May 20, 2014

Starting on Tuesday, May 19, keep your eyes peeled—our spring 2014 ad campaign launches on SF Muni! These fun and irreverent ads, celebrating the spirit and produce of San Francisco, will run through June 20.

We are very excited about our new ads for the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. We deliberately set out to create a provocative campaign that highlights the market’s iconic stature in San Francisco, and anchors it as part of the unique and encompassing experience that is this city that we love.

To do this, we chose words that have previously been used sometimes negatively or dismissively to describe San Francisco and turned them on their head with a cheeky sense of humor. “Dirty” shows fresh, soil-speckled vegetables; “herb” speaks to the city’s original name, Yerba Buena, with a bunch of mint; and “fruits (and vegetables)” calls out how proud we are of our delicious, vibrant, and colorful spirit.

Let us know what you think! Take a picture of our ad, post it to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and tag us at @cuesa to receive a free farmers market poster. Don’t forget to mention which bus line you saw it on.