We Have Live Crab

November 19, 2014

Starting Saturday, November 22, we’re excited to have live Dungeness crab at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, brought to you by husband-and-wife team Will and Ann Ward of Carapace Fishing!

All crabs are caught by Will on his 38-foot boat off of the Marin Coast, using steel traps designed to minimize waste and bycatch. The Central California fishery is managed to protect the molting and reproductive cycles of crabs, ensuring that the fishery remains robust.

Carapace will be in the market for several weeks, but the season won’t last long, so enjoy their fresh and feisty crabs while you can. Live crabs will be packaged in paper bags. Ann recommends bringing a cooler to the market to keep them cool until you’re ready to cook them. Learn more about Carapace.

Crab photo by Hasain Rasheed. Will Ward by Carapace Fishing.