Volunteer of the Month: Tara Gattis

July 25, 2019

CUESA’s Volunteer of the Month program recognizes the dedication and work of some of our most active volunteers. CUESA relies on volunteers to help with education programs, special events, public outreach, and other activities that help fulfill our mission to cultivate a sustainable food system. Learn more about volunteering and sign up here. We’ll be hosting a new volunteer orientation on September 4 at the Ferry Building.

Tara Gattis moved to the Bay Area a couple of years ago with a passion for supporting agriculture and local farms for the last decade. Tara became a CUESA volunteer in March 2018 and has since been a fixture as a volunteer at the Saturday Ferry Plaza Farmers Market Info Booth. She has also supported special events such as our Sunday Supper: Farm to City Feast.

“Tara has a very grounded and helpful presence at the Saturday Info Booth,” says Farmers Market Access and Programs Coordinator Katy Burnett. “Her innate calm and quiet sense of humor are a great antidote to any challenges that come up on a hectic Saturday. I also deeply appreciate the times she’s been flexible enough to jump in and help us out in a staffing pinch. I’m thankful for the chance to recognize Tara for her work!” Meet Tara.

CUESA: Where does your interest in food come from?

Tara: I grew up in the South, where every household has a vegetable garden on the back yard. I learned my love of gardening from my two great-grandmothers, who both had a garden until they were 95 years old. And my 90 year old grandfather still maintains a small one. As do my parents. I didn’t buy produce until I went to college! I love to cook local produce, and California provides such amazing variety.

CUESA: What do you do when you aren’t volunteering for CUESA?

Tara: I enjoy learning more about San Francisco, hiking in the parks, seeing plays, meeting new friends, and of course, visiting all the great restaurants. I also love to travel.

CUESA: What is your favorite part about volunteering with CUESA?

Tara: I like being part of the local community and contributing.  I learn something new about the market every time I come.  And finally, the people…I especially love sharing information about the Saturday market with first time visitors. 

CUESA: Do you have an insider market tip or a favorite produce item at the market right now?

Tara: Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company has pimento cheese on the third Saturday of the month, a personal fave!  Oh, and nectarines…I can’t get enough right now.