Volunteer of the Month: Daenerys Pineda

August 22, 2019

CUESA’s Volunteer of the Month program recognizes the dedication and work of some of our most active volunteers. CUESA relies on volunteers to help with education programs, special events, public outreach, and other activities that help fulfill our mission to cultivate a sustainable food system. Learn more about volunteering and sign up here. We’ll be hosting a new volunteer orientation on September 4 at the Ferry Building.

Memories of her dad bringing home “really great strawberries from the farmers market” after work in San Francisco brought Bay Area native Daenerys Pineda to CUESA. After completing her freshman year at Claremont McKenna College (CMC), Daenerys served as CUESA’s summer Events Intern. She supported CUESA’s summer fundraising events, and inspired kids to love farmers market produce through our Foodwise Kids program.

“Daenerys joined the CUESA team during a very busy summer and supported us tremendously!” says Development and Event Coordinator Rebecca Crawbuck. “Throughout her time with us, she supported multiple projects across departments – fundraising events, farmers market activations, our Foodwise Kids program, and more! She coordinated the Year of Dining Out raffle at our Summer Bash, and helped us meet our fundraising goals. We are so grateful that Daenerys spent her summer interning with us!” Meet Daenerys.

CUESA: Where does your interest in food come from?

Daenerys: I have a friend who loves baking, and we often bake together. We’ve made crepe cakes, regular three-layer cakes, bread, and lots more! When my parents are busy, I also cook for my brother and myself. I see food as a way to bring people together. Both making and eating food are experiences that build community.

CUESA: What do you do when you aren’t volunteering for CUESA?

Daenerys: CMC granted me an Appel Fellowship to create and execute my own writing project this summer. On my weekends I’ve been visiting sites of cultural and historical importance to Filipino-Americans in the Bay Area, as well as writing short stories and essays based at those sites. When I’m done with the project I’m going to sit back and watch figure skating, since the competitive season is starting soon!

CUESA: What is your favorite part about volunteering with CUESA?

Daenerys: I appreciate the variety of opportunities available here. I feel like I’ve been able to do everything: from helping with fundraising events to volunteering with Foodwise Kids. I wasn’t expecting to do so much and to have so much fun doing it!

CUESA: Do you have an insider market tip or a favorite produce item at the market right now?

Daenerys: I love stone fruit season. On Thursdays, I like to buy white peaches and nectarines from Rojas Family Farms.