Thanksgiving Wishes

November 23, 2011

sites/default/files/allstar_marty_janet.jpgFor the last couple of weeks, we’ve asked you to share your words of gratitude for the farmers who sell at the market. We were overwhelmed and moved by the responses we received. We are passing each one of your notes on to the farms in our market.

We want to echo these heartfelt sentiments and also extend our appreciation to all the food vendors, market staff, and shoppers who come together three days a week to create the thriving community that is the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. Thank you for being a part of our local foodshed.

Here are some excerpts to reflect on while enjoying the leftovers from Thanksgiving’s bounty. And if you didn’t get a chance to share, please come down to the market tomorrow (or any other day) and say “thank you” to your farmers in person.

Happy holidays,
The staff at CUESA

To all of our wonderful farmers, vendors, and the people who work in the fields and behind the scenes: At this time of year I am especially thankful for the great privilege to be able to stock my kitchen with all of your wonderful meats, produce, fruits, vegetables, nuts, peppers, cheeses, and many prepared items we find at the market. I love all of the seasons, love watching the crops change, and have rediscovered what really fresh, pure food tastes like. None of that would be possible without your vision, commitment, and hard work. Thank you all so very much for making my life richer, healthier, and more connected.
—Lisa L.

Thank you for planting, growing, and harvesting food that not only feeds us, but also nourishes us and keeps us healthy. It also tastes amazing. Before I started shopping at this market, I hated raw carrots and Brussels sprouts (store-bought, of course). These vegetables are now some of my favorite foods, thanks to you all. Growing something is hard and painful work, be it vegetables or people. Guarding against frosts, floods, droughts, and pests while getting the product to market is risky business. Thank you for taking on those risks.
—Kathryn G.

How grateful I am to you all for your hard work growing, harvesting, and bringing to the market all your delicious food. I shop at the Saturday farmers market, and during the following week I eat like royalty, thanks to you all. As a breast cancer survivor, I try to eat organic fruits and vegetables, which nourish and heal.
—Judy L.

sites/default/files/catalan_juanmaria2_0.jpgI’m so blessed to live a good, healthy hiking distance from the Ferry Building. My record load is carrying 35 pounds of delicious produce about one mile home! I wouldn’t do this if I wasn’t so committed to all of you. My commitment grows from yours. Healthy food and sustainable growing methods are very important to me. Thanks so much for your work and all you do to create a healthy food chain for all.
Bhavani K.

Thank you for the delicious and nutritious produce that you put on our table. It is both wonderful to look at and wonderful to eat. I especially love your rainbow chard, and was surprised to find that my cat Orbit does, too. I’m also grateful to have fresh picked carrots. The flavor brings me back to my childhood, when my Grandma and I would pick carrots in her neighbor Evelyn’s yard. I’m so grateful to live in California, where we can still have cherry tomatoes and strawberries in early November, but none of that would be possible without your efforts.
—Carleen S.

Thank you to the men and women that plant, care for, and pick the beautiful produce and tend to the animals that come to our table. There is little connection for most consumers to the process of getting the food to the table. That’s more than a little sad. Please accept my humble gratitude, and may God bless you and your families, as well as this planet of ours. Everyone’s holidays and daily lives are enriched by what you do.
Patt R.

sites/default/files/heirloom_grant.jpgWe’re so thankful for all of the amazing food we get year-round from the Ferry Plaza and, even more so, for the wonderful, hard-working and friendly farmers who make it all possible. It’s not just about shopping for great food. We always look forward to chatting with the farmers each Saturday about what’s fresh that week, new recipe ideas, and even baseball. Happy Thanksgiving!
—Phil E. and Mimi C.

There is not a day that I come to market and don’t feel overwhelming respect and appreciation for all you do to support our families and our communities in your efforts on your farms. At Thanksgiving, as always, there are really no words that can adequately convey the depth of our gratitude and respect. Heartfelt wishes for a happy and healthy Thanksgiving from our home to yours.
—Patric and Mary P.

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