Thank You from Your Friends at CUESA

December 29, 2017

The CUESA team wishes you a happy New Year, filled with the things that truly nourish us: good food, good health, and good friends. As we look back on this challenging year and the hard-won progress we have made together, we could not be more grateful for you, our community of friends, allies, and supporters.

Whether you loyally support our farmers at the farmers market each week, volunteer your time teaching kids to cook, or generously donate to our free public education programs, you are actively creating a sustainable food system: one that values community health over corporate greed, and planet over profits. Together, we are creating a world in which everyone has access to nourishing fruits and vegetables, every child loves cooking and eating fresh produce, and our farmers and farmworkers are valued for the vital labor they do to bring food to our tables. Without you, a healthy future would not be possible.

2018 will be an exciting year for the CUESA community, as we celebrate 25 years of transforming the food system. Thank you for being a part of this change and growing the healthy world we want to see now, and for the next 25 years. There is much work ahead, and we could not ask for better partners in this effort. Thank you!


Photo by Amanda Lynn Photography. Top row: Rebecca, Katy, Jonathan, Lulu, Marcy, Jumeil, Deven, Tessa; Middle row: Carrie, Cindy, Tommy, Andrea, Haylee; Bottom row: Daisy, Brie, Megan, Christine. Not pictured: Ava, Axell, Jeremy, Kelsey, Kody, Matty, Rosa, Sean, Vance.