Bay Area Chefs Celebrate 30 Years of Farmers Markets Community at Foodwise Summer Bash

July 14, 2023

As you stroll through the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market at the height of summer through bountiful rows of heirloom tomatoes, peak-season peaches, and colorful cucurbits,  you’re also stepping through a cherished time capsule of San Francisco history. This year is the 30th anniversary of the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate with the community that continues to make it so special: the dedicated farmers, the adventurous chefs, and the loyal market shoppers, too.

This Sunday, July 16, at Foodwise Summer Bash, chefs from 45 beloved Bay Area restaurants and beverage makers are gathering at the Ferry Building to toast this milestone birthday and showcase the best produce of the season from our local farms. They’re looking forward to spending quality time with fellow chefs and farmers, and seeing all of you! Hear from a few participants about what the Foodwise community means to them, and get a sneak peek of what they’ll be making at Summer Bash. 

Reem Assil, Founder, Reem’s California

Being part of this community has been so integral to our success. Foodwise took a chance on me when Reem’s was simply a concept. They helped us build our following organically through relationship building and education with farmers market goers week by week. It feels awesome to continue to be a part of an ecosystem, where community, farmers, and food businesses are supporting one another. Foodwise helps build the resilience of the local economy in a way that is regenerative. At Summer Bash, I’m looking forward to seeing all the other local chefs and Foodwise family! It’s always like a big reunion.

What they’re making at Summer Bash: Layali Lubnan: Corn-Infused Farina & Orange Blossom Clotted Cream Trifle with Macerated Berries & Ground Pistachio, made with ingredients from Eatwell Farm and Oya Organics

Two people stand behind a table of bites at Foodwise Summer Bash

Katie Reicher, Executive Chef, Greens Restaurant

Greens has been part of the Foodwise community since the very beginning of the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, 30 years. Our whole ethos is using what’s fresh and what’s around us. And we’re founded on Zen principles, so we try not to change too much about the food that we’re using. So supporting farmers really goes down deep to our core. We do the Summer Bash almost every year, and we love seeing our chef friends and being able to be face to face with the community and show them how much we love and support Foodwise.

What they’re making at Summer Bash: Summer Corn Tartlets with Corn Pudding & Tomato-Corn Salsa, with tomatoes from The Peach Farm

Two people standing behind a table at Summer Bash

Emmanuel Galvan, Founder, Bolita

Speaking specifically about the Mission Mercado, I’ve really enjoyed being able to make food for my neighbors and also being able to more directly interact with the Latinx and Hispanic community that lives in San Francisco. 

I think it’s important for BIPOC people to take up space in some places that seem inaccessible to them. I think it’s nice, as a Latinx person myself who identifies as queer, to be at Summer Bash and hopefully inspire younger people who maybe dream of starting a food business. There is space for them at the table, at the farmers market, at Foodwise.

At Summer Bash, I’m looking forward to meeting some of the people that I maybe don’t normally have time to interact with when we’re selling at the farmers market, some of the farmers, and some of the other chefs and people who shop at the farmers market. It’ll be nice to see them, try their food, and also engage with them, fortifying this community that we’ve built.

What they’re making at Summer Bash: Sikil P’aak with Heirloom Corn Tostada, Summer Squash, Serpent Cucumber, Sweet Corn & Herbs, made with vegetables and herbs from Oya Organics and Star Route Farms

6 people stand in front of small bites at Summer Bash

Pamela Mazzola, Chef and Owner, Prospect

Everyone in the food community is just so grateful to have a farmers market there for us on Saturdays, where we can actually talk to the farmers and see each other. Every Saturday you’re at the market, you see another chef or chefs that you haven’t seen in a while, and you can catch up. Also, the continuing education programs that Foodwise sponsors, I think, are really important for the community. At Summer Bash, I’m looking forward to seeing the other chefs and also having contact with a larger portion of the community, and maybe people that can’t always go out to every restaurant.

What they’re making at Summer Bash: Heirloom Tomato with Peach, Burrata & Chili Crunch, made with The Peach Farm’s tomatoes

A person standing behind a table of mini cakes at Foodwise Summer Bash

Charles Farrier, Founder, Crumble & Whisk

Being part of the Foodwise community means a lot of people being able to experience local vendors that they would not be able to get exposed to otherwise, and the products and the services that they offer. And for me, it’s about participating in one of the best farmers markets in the Bay Area. We have very unique vendors that you can’t find anywhere else. I’ve been a vendor for the last five years, and I like how easy it is to work with Foodwise. 

What they’re making at Summer Bash: Zesty Lemon Tart

Two people standing behind a festively decorated table at a Foodwise event

Nora Furst, Bartender and Spirits Representative, ACCOMPANi and West Bev

Foodwise creates a tactile connection between so many aspects of what I do, and what I love about what I do: farmers, agriculture, education, fresh produce, delicious food and drink, and hospitality.  These celebrations connect all the dots between these dynamic communities to come together around the bounty of California and the talent and thoughtfulness of those who grow and work with said bounty. In short, I support Foodwise because Foodwise has always supported me and my community.

What they’re making at Summer Bash: “Atlas Shrubbed” cocktail made with ACCOMPANi Flora Green, Zuckerman’s Farm’s Watermelon and Yerena Farms’ Strawberry Shrub, Pisco, Mint, Dried Sweet Orange, and Honey

Join San Francisco chefs and farmers at Foodwise Summer Bash on July 16, 2023 at the Ferry Building. Get tickets now before they sell out.

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