June Taylor Says Farewell to the Farmers Market

August 14, 2020

In this time of transitions and adaptations, we are sad to share that June Taylor will not be returning to the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, and will be closing her preserves business by the end of the year. June has been an artistic, thoughtful presence in our community for nearly two decades, bringing her passion, knowledge, and generosity to her stand, which featured impeccable conserves alongside foraged river rocks, and candied citrus rinds displayed amidst branches and leaves. Buying anything at her stand usually involved a discussion, a connection, and a feeling that you were leaving with something both precious and meant to be enjoyed.

In her work, June embodies our shared values of sustainable sourcing, supporting local farmers, and crafting with integrity. She also served as a volunteer on CUESA’s Board of Directors from 2010-2015, representing our farmer and crafter community, and bringing her expertise to CUESA’s education and advocacy work. “Along with being a devotee of her Santa Rosa Plum preserves, I equally appreciated June’s candor in conversations with the CUESA staff and board. She would help us redirect our attention to important issues of market safety or seller representation in our events, and do so from a place of deep commitment to our values. The market community needs voices that are holding us accountable, and I will miss those impassioned conversations alongside the beauty of her creations and her stand,” says CUESA’s Executive Director, Christine Farren.

June and her lovingly made preserves will be missed by all of us in the farmers market community. We look forward to staying in touch and seeing what she does next, with her boundless creativity and vision. June shared this farewell message.

my fruit preserving journey started thirty years ago as a young mother with an infant in hand searching for organic food. i discovered the berkeley farmers’ market and immediately became a committed supporter of what a farmers market provides – beautiful, nourishing, value laden food grown by dedicated and interesting farmers, and a community of people who hold a common vision about sustainable agriculture and food creation with a desire to promote it both economically and spiritually. it became the place where i could share my work in confectionary and preserving that express my beliefs and values in food.

at the end of this year i will close my business and we will not be returning to the saturday ferry plaza farmers’ market. i want to give thanks to CUESA for the opportunity to be a part of this community for almost two decades, and to all our customers – local, national and international – who have supported us and come into the market seeking quality food grown and produced with heart, integrity and ultimately a deep love and connection to the land. most of all i thank the farmers who have generously supplied me with gorgeous fruit that has kept me excited and busy transforming it into all the ways my imagination took me in preserving. you have shared your knowledge and educated me, and this simple thank you cannot convey how deeply i respect you and appreciate your comradeship, friendship and kindness.

i welcome any outreach to my email – june@junetaylorjams.com and we will be selling our products through december with information available on our web site – www.junetaylorjams.com.

my sincere thanks to each of you. i have experienced great fortune.