Intern Spotlight: Cecilia Camlin and Lauren Halsey

September 29, 2023

Foodwise relies on volunteers and interns to help with education programs, and other activities that help fulfill our mission to grow thriving communities through the power and joy of local food. Learn more about internships here and volunteer opportunities here. You can also sign up for our next volunteer orientation on January 10, 2024, here.

Over the summer, event interns Cecilia Camlin and Lauren Halsey made an impact with Foodwise supporting our Summer Bash and Sunday Supper fundraisers, which both support local farms, community food access, and youth education. Cecilia joined Foodwise with an interest about nonprofit operations, fundraising, and event planning. Lauren is passionate about eating locally and bringing community together through food. She says, “This internship is a dream come true, as I combined my passions with my career interests in entering the event industry!”

“It was so much fun working with Cecilia and Lauren this summer! Together, they were a crucial part of making our Summer Bash fundraiser a success,” says Partnerships & Events Manager Rebecca Crawbuck. “Cecilia coordinated the Summer Bash auction, helping us exceed our fundraising goals. She managed dozens of donations, led a team of volunteers on event day, and communicated with our generous donors and lucky winners. Her thoughtfulness, calm demeanor, and willingness to learn was wonderful.”

She adds, “Lauren managed Summer Bash guest registration. Her can-do attitude and hospitality skills were a tremendous help with this important part of the event. We were lucky to work with Lauren after Summer Bash too, and she was a key part of planning committee meetings, fundraising events, and office projects. We appreciated her initiative in getting involved with many development and fundraising initiatives!”

Meet Cecilia and Lauren.

Foodwise: Where does your food interest come from? 

Cecilia: I am definitely a foodie at heart! My family has also used food in many cases as a way to connect with others. We’ve received farm boxes since I was a child, so much of my understanding of cooking is shaped by the fun of which surprise vegetables and fruits arrive that week!

Lauren: When I was around 10 years old, I started cooking after-school snacks for myself and my love for cooking really grew from there. I love food literature, trying new restaurants, and learning new techniques in the kitchen. I am also studying Nutritional Anthropology in school! 

Foodwise: What do you do when you aren’t interning for Foodwise?

Cecilia: I am currently a student studying History. I love working with animals (dogs particularly!) so during the school year, I volunteer at the humane society. While interning for Foodwise this summer I also worked at a dog daycare. I also play guitar and love to bake.

Lauren: I’m wrapping up my education at Cal Poly SLO and exploring opportunities in events! In my free time, I enjoy long walks with friends, cooking elaborate dinners, and exploring whatever city I am in!

Foodwise: Why did you choose to intern with us at this time? 

Cecilia: Foodwise stood out to me as a somewhat small organization with impactful reach. The events internship seemed like an amazing opportunity to grow not only my understanding of how to plan and execute an event, but what it is like to work in a nonprofit environment with people committed to Foodwise’s mission of food equity and education.

Lauren: I feel strongly about Foodwise’s mission as it very much aligns with my core values. I think it’s extremely important to support our local farmers and connect to our food in a deeper way. I love that my internship hits these points directly and I get to see the impact of Foodwise’s work on a regular basis. This role has also given me invaluable, hands-on experience in event coordination which I’ve had a lot of fun with. 

Foodwise: What has been most rewarding about your experience with Foodwise?

Cecilia: My experience planning and leading an auction for this year’s Summer Bash was one of the most rewarding experiences of working at Foodwise. To be even a small part of Foodwise’s fundraising goals felt particularly impactful, and I am so happy to have had the experience! I greatly enjoyed the ability to learn the process of planning an event as a whole, and being able to see it come together in such a successful way was especially rewarding.

Lauren: The most rewarding part of my experience with Foodwise has been reconnecting with the San Francisco community. Working at the farmers market and events, I experience so much joy and love. It reminds me how grateful I am to live here.

Foodwise: What does Foodwise mean to you? 

Cecilia: I learned so much from working from Foodwise, and it was incredibly inspiring to watch events and farmers markets come together. The relationships and people I got to know while interning were especially special. Seeing all of the effort and dedication put into support Foodwise and to make events happen leaves me grateful to have worked with such great people.

Lauren: Foodwise means finding joy through the lens of food! Throughout this summer I’ve experienced firsthand how produce brings life to a sidewalk, an empanada can make my whole day, and cookies gather our whole team around a table. It’s easy to see the community built here.

Foodwise: Any favorite farmers market foods or home meal prep tips you want to share? 

Cecilia: My favorite is probably farmers market corn or any kind of stone fruit!

Lauren: I always recommend buying fresh flowers when you see them. Nothing brightens up a room or makes someone smile like a beautiful bouquet!