In Memoriam: John and Carol Field

March 17, 2017

The farmers market community is a mirror of the interconnected ecosystem that we rely on to feed us. It is a web of relationships, ideas, and support. Today we honor the recent passing of a couple, Carol and John Field, who were foundational supporters of our market community.

As an architect and former board member to CUESA, John was focused on ensuring that our experience of moving through the farmers market was designed to encouraged places for pause and conversation—central to our mission of education and to his of facilitating community—and he was critical to advising us when we moved back to the renovated Ferry Building in 2003.

Carol, an avid baker, Italian food expert, and cookbook writer, was a frequent contributor to our culinary programs in their early years. She was a champion of the many delicious Italian varietals, such as Genovese basil, that could only be found in our market by growers such as Mariquita Farms and later Dirty Girl Produce.

They were at the market almost every Saturday, greeting their favorite farmers and seeing friends at each stall. CUESA sends its heartfelt condolences to their two children, with appreciation for all they gave to our market community.