Green Gulch Farm Bows Out of the Farmers Market

May 14, 2020

We are sad to share that Green Gulch Farm, a long-time favorite at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, has decided not to return this season. Green Gulch Farm has been part of the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market since it began in May 1993. Each spring they have returned to the market, with much anticipation, bringing lush organic greens grown by a new crop of farm apprentices and practitioners residing at Green Dragon Zen Temple. We have also valued our longstanding partnership with Green Gulch and their dedication to agroecological education, hosting CUESA farm tours and gleaning groups. They will be missed by all of us, and we thank them for their years of service feeding our community!

On behalf of Green Gulch Farm, Emila Heller and Sara Tashker shared this farewell message: 

It is with sorrow and gratitude that we have decided that Green Gulch Farm will not be participating in the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market this season. We deeply value our long and rich relationship with CUESA, and with our dedicated customer following, knowing that this will be disappointing to many.  

This decision was made back in December, before this whole new reality set in. It was based on internal changes at Green Gulch, as well as changes to our regular shopper base over the last couple of years, which has meant declining income. It happens to have coincided with the current pandemic, which means we have had to close Green Gulch down to the public and we don’t have any apprentices to work on the farm this year.

Green Gulch Farm started at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market when first opened 27 years ago in the parking lot across from the Ferry Building, and it has been part of the market ever since. Emila Heller, who has been the face of Green Gulch at the stand each week since the beginning, will be turning 80 this year.

We will miss our long-term patrons and chefs who have supported us at the Ferry Plaza for all of these years. We feel the energy from the vegetables, from all our practitioners at Green Gulch, and from our novice farmers, as well as the energy and love that comes to the stand from our market community. We are fed by all of you⁠, who are celebrating the effort that we’re all making together to be in harmony with the soil, the earth, and each other.

We feel the uncertainty of this moment, and also the opportunity to refocus on what is most important⁠—our good work, our relationships, our mutual interdependence. You can reach us at . May all beings be safe and well.

With deep gratitude,

Sara Tashker, Farm Manager
Emila Heller, Marketer
and the Green Gulch Farm crew past, present, and future