Foodwise Teens Debuts at CUESA's Farmers Markets

February 5, 2019

Launching in January 2019, Foodwise Teens is a paid job training program where teens build skills to sustain healthy lives and a healthy planet. Building on eight years of success in CUESA’s Schoolyard to Market program, Foodwise Teens transforms CUESA’s youth programming and takes it to the next level. Students learn about sustainable food jobs and get hands-on experience in the garden, in the kitchen, and at the farmers market, while getting paid for their work.

Through the Foodwise Teens program, students build life and job skills; grow, make, and sell their own fruits, vegetables, and food products; and eat good food!

Support Foodwise Teens at CUESA’s Farmers Markets

The Foodwise Teens stand will be debuting at CUESA’s farmers markets in February 2019. Students from The Academy – San Francisco @ McAteer, John O’Connell High School, and Mission High School will be selling their school garden produce and handcrafted pickles.

Support Bay Area youth on the following following market dates:

Ferry Plaza Farmers Market on Saturdays (8 am to 1 pm): February 9 through March 16, 2019Mission Community Market on Thursdays (4 to 8 pm): February 14 through March 21, 2019

Learn more about Foodwise Teens and hear from students:

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