Double the Impact, Double the Food Dollars

November 24, 2014

UPDATE 1/1/15: We did it! Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Market Match campaign, a program that will double the spending power of CalFresh (food stamp) shoppers at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. With your generous support, we met our year-end fundraising goal of $20,000! That’s $20,000 in fresh fruits and vegetables for Bay Area families who need it the most. Stay tuned for updates on Market Match, which we plan to launch at our markets in the spring. We are grateful to everyone who gave so generously!

Still want to support our Market Match fund? Donate now.

Double the Impact, Double the Food Dollars

This season when you give to CUESA, you double the spending power of people who need it the most, ensuring greater access to fresh food for all and increasing the dollars that go directly to local farmers. Every dollar you give becomes two dollars in the hands of Calfresh (food stamp) shoppers and two dollars in the pockets of farmers.

Our goal is to raise $20,000 by December 31 to bring Market Match to the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in 2015. Donate to support healthy food, farms, and families today.


What Is Market Match?

When people use their CalFresh benefits (food stamps) at participating farmers markets, the Market Match nutrition incentive program matches their dollars with tokens they can spend on fresh produce at the market. So if a customer spends $10 of their food stamp benefits, they get an additional $10 to spend on fresh fruits and vegetables.

Market Match empowers low-income shoppers to make healthy food choices by overcoming financial barriers. It supports job creation, local economic development, and civic engagement by leveraging the benefits of farmers markets for a broader community. Further, Market Match helps stabilize and support rural communities by providing an additional income for small farmers selling at farmers markets. Learn more at

Why Is CUESA Launching a Market Match Program?

CUESA is a mission-driven nonprofit organization that educates eaters about sustainable agriculture. We link urban dwellers, local farmers, and food makers through our innovative education programs. CUESA manages the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market and remains a cutting-edge force in influencing how people grow, produce, and eat food in America. We think fresh and healthy farmers market produce should be available to everyone in San Francisco.

Working with the Ecology Center, we plan to introduce Market Match at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in spring of 2015. Your support is needed to help us develop the infrastructure for this new program and the funding to match shoppers’ CalFresh dollars.

Make fresh and healthy food affordable to everyone. Support Market Match at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market today.