CUESA's 2015-16 Impact Report

November 17, 2016

Every day, we at CUESA work to disrupt the conventional food system by providing transparency and education around sustainable agriculture. And every year, you help us extend our reach to keep more family farmers on the fields, connect new crops of urban youth to their food and the environment, and provide an increasing number of city-dwellers access to farm-fresh produce.

This past year, you pushed CUESA’s markets and programs into new territory, allowing us to serve more communities in need and bring more people to table. Your support of this work is more critical than ever, and we are profoundly grateful to be growing this movement together. 

Take a visual look back at the progress you’ve brought to life in CUESA’s 2015-16 Impact Report

You are the reason why the grassroots food movement is growing. Only with local attention can positive change ripple out to the state level. And only with state-level awareness can healthy food and sustainable agriculture find their rightful place on the national policy stage. 

While we are reminded that there is much hard work ahead, let this moment of reflection mobilize us for the future. Thank you for accelerating the food movement forward. We can’t wait to see the progress we make together in 2017.

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