Bruins Farms Takes a Break

February 18, 2016

It’s a time of transition at Bruins Farms, and Bart, Paul, and Eva Bruins have decided to take 2016 off from the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market to rest and regroup as they consider the future. For their loyal customers, they offered these words of thanks for supporting their family farm, which has brought us early-season hot-house tomatoes each spring for 20+ years.

Dear Valued Bruins Farms Customers,

We want to thank you so much for making our business of growing the best-tasting tomatoes a success. Without the support and enthusiasm of you the customer, our business would never have grown from two small greenhouses to almost two acres, home to 20,000 tomato plants. But like all good things, this business too is coming to an end.

With Eva and Paul approaching 70, and Bart the key person in the business as the “grower,” with almost 40 years of looking after the tomato plants year after year, tomato disease after tomato disease, taking a break, it became time for us to call a timeout. We will use this year to make a final decision on the future of our business. Again, thank you all so much for your enthusiastic support over all these years.

Gratefully yours,
Bart, Paul, and Eva Bruins

For those of you craving early-season hot-house tomatoes, CUESA expects Elston Family Farm to be back at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in April.