4505 Meats Says Farewell to the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market

October 18, 2016

CUESA is sad to share that 4505 Meats’ last day at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market will be Saturday, October 29. Founder Ryan Farr has made the tough decision to leave the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market to focus on 4505’s next phase of growth, with an expanding chicharrones business and forthcoming BBQ joint in Oakland.

4505 Meats launched as a founding street food vendor at CUESA’s Thursday market, a showcase for innovative food vendors with strong ties to local farmers. Since then, we have been proud to support 4505 Meats’ growth and success. They have also given back to CUESA in many ways as a frequent participant in our fundraising events.

CUESA’s Director Market Operations Lulu Meyer recalls: “In early 2009, Ryan Farr and I started chatting about a new business idea he had and how it might be the perfect addition to the new Thursday market we were looking to launch that summer. 4505 Meats was an instant hit with our Thursday crowds, and Ryan and his crew and family were a crucial part of our initial success. From the start, Ryan was committed to making the market succeed, not just for his own business but for his fellow vendors as well. He has been a joy to work with all these years and will always be a special part of our market family. I wish him all the best in this new chapter for 4505 Meats.”

Thank you to Ryan, Cesalee, and the 4505 family for eight years of friendship and meaty goodness! Ryan offered this statement:

Almost eight years ago, Cesalee and I started 4505 Meats when I was frying up chicharrones in my apartment kitchen. Soon after, we made our debut at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, trying a lot of things in the early days (or as I call it, “stuff on stuff on stuff sandwiches”) but eventually settling on our bacon-studded hot dogs, our Best Damn Cheeseburger, sausages, and meats out of the smoker. I cannot overstate the importance of the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market to 4505 or the impact that it had on our growth and me personally. We brought our kids with me as babies, and it’s where many of our staff cut their chops. Nothing would have been possible in terms of growing if we had not been at the market first.

Of course, how we’ve grown has been a lot of saying “yes” over the years. Along the way we’ve done some crazy things, but I am incredibly proud of how far the 4505 Family has come and every step we’ve taken to get here. In the last year we’ve looked a lot at what the future holds and how we want to grow our business. With our chicharrones business, our restaurant on Divisadero, and another one coming soon, we’ve focused on creating a strong hospitality business for our family and community. Much of the grit and can-do attitude that our staff has in the restaurant comes from those years of early mornings at the Ferry Plaza, the memories of which I love and will cherish forever.

All of this is to say, we’ve made the heart-wrenching decision to focus on our restaurant and chicharrones business, and 4505 will be leaving the market at the end of October. The hardest part about leaving is that we’ve become family with everyone there. From Lulu, Dexter, and all of the CUESA volunteers, to the other vendors, to our regulars, everyone is a part of 4505, and we are so proud that we’ve gotten to be part of something so amazing. We are so grateful to CUESA for the years of this partnership we’ve had with them, and in no way do we feel like we’re leaving the CUESA family. Thank you to everyone who has come to see us. Please come and see us for one more burger on the docks, we’d love to see you before we go.

Thank you,
Ryan Farr, 4505 Meats