Monthly Giving: Foodwise Sustainers

Become a Foodwise Sustainer

Join our group of monthly donors who are committed to sustainable agriculture, food access, and youth education. As a Foodwise Sustainer, your monthly gift provides critical year-round support that we can count on to nourish our community today and for generations to come:

  • Support climate-wise California farmers and food makers. Foodwise farmers markets provide vital income for 130+ small family farms and food businesses throughout economic uncertainty, including BIPOC entrepreneurs in Foodwise’s Building Equity program. 
  • Help Bay Area families put fresh, local food on the table. As inflation and climate change threaten farms and food security, our Market Match program helps low-income families double their CalFresh EBT benefits at the farmers market, while putting dollars in the pockets of local farmers.
  • Provide critical and free food and environmental education for kids. Through farmers market field trips, cooking classes, school gardens, and job training, we increase young people’s desire to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, participate in their food system, and be empowered as future food leaders.

Contribute to a regenerative, equitable, and nourishing food future for all. Thank you!

Your generous donation could be doubled if your employer offers a matching gift program (check here). Please let us know if you require any additional documentation to qualify for a matching contribution: . Interested in making a one-time gift or learning about other ways to support Foodwise? Click here.

Meet Some of Our Foodwise Sustainers

“I support Foodwise because I believe in bringing together farmers, fresh food, and the local community for better connection and healthier lives. Being a supporter of Foodwise and farmers markets is deeply personal for me: My grandparents, who ran a catering business, started bringing me to the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market when I was 10. I’ve seen how Foodwise inspires young eaters and chefs to think differently about food, and that can have an impact on their lives for a very long time.”

Jennifer Brown, Foodwise Sustainer and Volunteer (pictured, left, with farmer Silvia Yerena)

“I have been going to the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market from the beginning, rain or shine. We are so lucky to have access to such outstanding quality food. It is also a privilege to support the farmers who are working so hard and take such pride in giving us the best of everything.”

Esther Marks, Foodwise Sustainer and Ferry Plaza Farmers Market shopper

Being in the restaurant industry, I’ve been lucky to work with some amazing people who share a love for delicious food—not just the composed dishes, but the rich history of how regional cuisine developed, the individual ingredients used to tell that story, and the local producers who work tirelessly to bring those components to market. For me, a good meal is made that much better by featuring an ingredient at the height of its season and with an appreciation for the complex web of support necessary to present that dish at your table. There is a lot that happens between putting a seedling into the ground and ordering an entree at a restaurant. I support Foodwise because they help to tell this important story and, through their programming, nourish our community.

Korey Reynolds, Foodwise Sustainer (pictured, right, with partner and Foodwise Volunteer Kory Cogdill)

I support Foodwise monthly because their mission and actions are aligned with my values: We should support local farmers as much as possible. We should strive to be engaged with our community. And we should share the joy and wisdom inherent in making and eating delicious food together!

Marianna Ilagan, Foodwise Sustainer and Volunteer